This is where our quality and quantity time meet to connect to both of us

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Trevor gets to feel loved by the intentionality of us spending time talking together, dreaming, and sharing and catching each other up on what has been going on without distractions. I get to feel loved by the quantity of time I am getting with Trevor because I get to share as much as I want or listen as much as I can on those walks, and then know we are going home where I can still spend time with him.

You let me go slowly by not noticing me

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I was craving for you, for your touch, your love and you pushed me away and blame it on me. I know you had your interests, but don’t you think I should have been one of them?

There have been times when people tried to break up with me, and I’m like ‘We were dating?’

Keywords: contemporary millenial

There are too many damn people to choose from. Millennial dating is like an all you can eat buffet, you want to keep going back for more even though you should be content with what you have already eaten and remained satisfied.

Someone’s friends may see a connection between two people before they see it themselves

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Other people may notice the flirting that you aren’t sure is flirting or not. They may even notice something even more developing. Listen to what other people see. If people are always joking about how you and your crush should just get together already, there’s something there. Your crush may have even expressed their feelings to their friends, and they could just be trying to help things along.

I need to find out if my man can cook so let’s eat in bae

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What one partner might’ve liked might not be what your new partner likes. What you might like might not be what your partner likes either. You have to study their love language like you would study any other language. It’s also important to know your own so that you can express it to your partner. What are your love languages?