A really valuable part of this journey was the discovery that I have often sought the wrong type of companionship

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I’m very much of the anxious preoccupied attachment persuasion and love the idea of a partner so I cling on to them for fear that they will leave, even if I’m not actually that devoted to them


What is expected of us on a date?

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A Brighter Cloud

So i’ve been tindering tonight, just chatting to some boyos. Then i got to thinking, thinking about the dates ive been on in the past.

So some boys can be lovely at the end of the night, nice goodnight kiss and walks me to the door.. but i have had other experiences where the boy expects to come in the house, or wants you to come back to his..

now this could be perfectly innocent, entering someones house youve never been in, quite creepy and it mostly always ends in snogging, but then does anyone feel kind of pressured into going all the way? and im not talking about just girls, boys as well!

also when we are tindering, do you think we should be putting it right in our little tinder bio “not just for sexy times”

ive put it in my tinder bio, also i can spot a…

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