Pull off the blindfold and really see the person for who they really are

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If you see someone through rose colored glasses, you will ultimately be confronted with all the issues you are ignoring, excusing, or rationalizing away. On the flip side, you may choose partners who feel safe, aka toxic because that is what you are used to, and ultimately sabotage a relationship with the very type of person you think you seek. Hopefully you will do neither of these things. But the likelihood is you will do both.


I even had to google “how to know if you’re in a toxic relationship” in order to come to this realization

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I still believe he’s not a bad person, and the toxicity of our relationship was more about incompatibility than anything else, but our relationship took a huge toll on me. 


The Stages of Moving On After a Relationship

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Bringing Back Becca

You fought with everything in you to hold on to the relationship, to the point it nearly destroyed you. Our minds become easily blinded by the toxicity as our hearts continue to hold on to what we believe to be true love.

You created a fantasy with this person. A life you want went in pursuit of. But now that’s all gone. Imaging a life without this person seems unbearable despite all the pain they brought in your life.

Every sign was there. Standing right in front of you. But once again you try to see the “good” in everything and everyone. You justify the bad, letting yourself reject the pain and hurt you feel deep inside.

You know it’s not meant to be, but you put everything you have into that one person only to be hurt over and over. You know moving on is the best…

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Let It Go

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One major self-love strategy is the ability to identify and remove toxic relationships from our lives in order to protect our peace.

No, the title of this is not a reference to the Disney Channel movie, Frozen. However, just like in the movie when Princess Anna discovered that although Prince Hans seemed like a good guy, he was actually very toxic for her, she had to let him go. (By force since he tried to kill her but that’s beside the point.)

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Even though self-love sounds like it only has to do with us that is not completely the case. The ways in which we love and see ourselves are very much affected by those we surround ourselves with and those we connect ourselves to. When consistently interacting with people who bring negativity into our lives, it tends to influence the way we see ourselves and ultimately has the…

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