We should all make everything about us because when you know how to take good care of yourself, then you can take care of others in a better way.

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I used to think like that [differently] when I was in my twenties. I stayed in horrible relationships for a long time just to be able to say I was in a relationship. What?? I let guys treat me poorly because I didn’t want society to judge me as a single lady. Crazy, right? I settled for less because I didn’t want to be alone. I know this is way more common than we might think. Back then, I was trying to fit into society’s norm.


Not trying to control others to be what I want and not letting others try to be what I want so I love them

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And this includes, most importantly includes SELF HONESTY. To know when I don’t resonate abd stop having sex with that person out of neediness.


Relationships are so built up by society, but throwing everything you have into a relationship leaves you with nothing

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Doing this can manifest in several ways:

  • You stop participating in your favorite hobbies
  • You’ll begin to change parts of your personality in an attempt to be more attractive to your partner
  • You stop going out with your friends if they’re not mutual friends 
  • You’re not working towards your goals as they have been replaced by goals your partner has set. 


A soulmate doesn’t have to mean forever — you might have multiple “ones” in your life and that is perfectly fine

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Yes, you will move on and there will be many men you will connect with. Sometimes, it really is about the universe choosing a person for you for a moment in time. Some men are there for a reason or a season, as they say. I don’t think you should abandon the idea of true chemistry. Yes it’s real. Don’t think you missed your chance or that you’ll never find another man better than him. You will. I have to tell myself the same thing a lot. It actually drove me to do casual dating and to be more careful with my heart. This might be your journey as well. Remember that dating is about you and your needs, not theirs. Loving yourself is the most important thing. It could be a great lesson or even make you see how unimportant it is to date. It’s very liberating to not put a huge emphasis on pleasing a man and to only make YOU happy.