Little did I know about relationship, but part of me still hopes that she and I could create many long-lasting memories

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A few days ago, I did not feel well. She told me she met someone a day before and she apologized (as we created a feeling between us) and she was being honest with me. She told me she was not sure about it since they two just met, but she would like to meet him again and know him well. I saw her messages while I was having a call with my family. I was not sure how I should take care of the situation, so I hung up the call and took a deep breath. That hurts. That really hurts. The moment I saw her apology, I felt part of myself was falling apart. The only thing I did was to tell her something like, ‘We are friends and we have not met in person. If that happens, that happens. If he was the guy for you, then I am happy for you. I guess it’s just that it was not the right time between us since we have not met. We can still chat if you want.’ Part of me believed that that’s really it, while part of me still believed that I still have a chance. I do not know. I really don’t. I don’t know if she still has feelings for me, and when we met in person, we would then fall in love with each other. I don’t know what she thinks about me, a friend or a potential long-term partner.

Relationships are so built up by society, but throwing everything you have into a relationship leaves you with nothing

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Doing this can manifest in several ways:

  • You stop participating in your favorite hobbies
  • You’ll begin to change parts of your personality in an attempt to be more attractive to your partner
  • You stop going out with your friends if they’re not mutual friends 
  • You’re not working towards your goals as they have been replaced by goals your partner has set.

Someone’s friends may see a connection between two people before they see it themselves

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Other people may notice the flirting that you aren’t sure is flirting or not. They may even notice something even more developing. Listen to what other people see. If people are always joking about how you and your crush should just get together already, there’s something there. Your crush may have even expressed their feelings to their friends, and they could just be trying to help things along.

My Bumble for Friends Story

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So, as I’ve previously mentioned, I took a big leap in 2018 and moved from Leeds to Nottingham alone. I knew no one here, started a new job in a relatively small company and started from scratch. I did this because I was in a dark place, I was unhappy and I was lonely. I wanted another chance to start again and improve my life and Leeds just wasn’t the place to do that. Nottingham won on my search for a new home so I took the leap and moved.

This doesn’t sound so bad when it’s put like that, positive even. I’ve had a lot of compliments from friends about how brave I was to take this leap and looking back in it… yeah I was! But something I forgot to ask myself when I first moved was how do you make friends as an adult?

All my life…

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