Little did I know about relationship, but part of me still hopes that she and I could create many long-lasting memories

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A few days ago, I did not feel well. She told me she met someone a day before and she apologized (as we created a feeling between us) and she was being honest with me. She told me she was not sure about it since they two just met, but she would like to meet him again and know him well. I saw her messages while I was having a call with my family. I was not sure how I should take care of the situation, so I hung up the call and took a deep breath. That hurts. That really hurts. The moment I saw her apology, I felt part of myself was falling apart. The only thing I did was to tell her something like, ‘We are friends and we have not met in person. If that happens, that happens. If he was the guy for you, then I am happy for you. I guess it’s just that it was not the right time between us since we have not met. We can still chat if you want.’ Part of me believed that that’s really it, while part of me still believed that I still have a chance. I do not know. I really don’t. I don’t know if she still has feelings for me, and when we met in person, we would then fall in love with each other. I don’t know what she thinks about me, a friend or a potential long-term partner.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and lovable

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You focus on loving yourself, because without self-love, you cannot love another human. And you need to understand someone else does not complete you. As a person who would love a long term partner yesterday, I know this future partner cannot save me, fix me, or 100% fulfill me as there are too many wants and needs in my lifetime to be the responsibility of one person. That does not mean I need multiple partners. It means I am trying to apply healthy expectations of what I look for in a partner. I do not want a lust based relationship. And that has nothing to do with the sexual desire and intimacy that comes from physical attraction, mental attraction, intimate connection, what have you. I want love that is founded on something more than my mind and body telling me I have chemistry because I am pulled towards another toxic relationship.

Not trying to control others to be what I want and not letting others try to be what I want so I love them

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And this includes, most importantly includes SELF HONESTY. To know when I don’t resonate abd stop having sex with that person out of neediness.

So I spoke a boundary, and now I am alone, sitting in a hot mess of abandonment issues, regretting saying anything because I ruined a good thing

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Is my boundary correct? I believe so. Does enforcing my boundary suck? Fuck yes. My boundary isolated me from an amazing man. Did I not compromise long enough? I don’t know. How are boundaries, which are supposed to protect me and protect others, this fucking painful?

The death of commitment

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The Joyful Single

Recently when browsing my Instagram stories, I came across an interesting response to a very basic question. A very successful entrepreneur that I follow was asked by one of her followers why she refers to her significant other as her son’s father as opposed to another title like boyfriend or hubby. Her response was something to the effect of, “I’m too old to call him my boyfriend. Partners doesn’t feel right. We’re together and we do what works for us.” She shares a home with and is raising a child with this man but seems very reluctant to publicly say that they are in a committed relationship . [Side note: I don’t know this woman personally and the info that I have is based solely on what she decides to share. I am basing this post solely on what I’ve seen from her social media, which may not truly reflect…

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