Not trying to control others to be what I want and not letting others try to be what I want so I love them

Keywords: Relating and Sexuality, Authenticity, Discomfort, Inner Guidance, Intuition, Mental Health

And this includes, most importantly includes SELF HONESTY. To know when I don’t resonate abd stop having sex with that person out of neediness.

The death of commitment

commitment, relationships

The Joyful Single

Recently when browsing my Instagram stories, I came across an interesting response to a very basic question. A very successful entrepreneur that I follow was asked by one of her followers why she refers to her significant other as her son’s father as opposed to another title like boyfriend or hubby. Her response was something to the effect of, “I’m too old to call him my boyfriend. Partners doesn’t feel right. We’re together and we do what works for us.” She shares a home with and is raising a child with this man but seems very reluctant to publicly say that they are in a committed relationship . [Side note: I don’t know this woman personally and the info that I have is based solely on what she decides to share. I am basing this post solely on what I’ve seen from her social media, which may not truly reflect…

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