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Cheeky Chatters


The first question that comes to mind is why the hell did I start this project? The only answer on top of my head is this:

One night in June, I was texting with a friend when I had an epiphany. “I should start a blog about my single life! It’s the first time in 8 years that I have been truly single so I wanted to document the experience.

My friend said back then, “What if you become not single in the next few months?” I struggled with the answer. Yeah, what if I found a very nice man during the course of the next few months? So I shelved the project and went about my merry way.

True enough, I found a decent guy who became my boyfriend for a few months. Good thing I didn’t start the blog back then, huh? However, after a few blissful months…

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When You’re Waiting For Love

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Saved By Grace

You, the one reading this, are you single? How long have you been waiting around for love to come your way? You may have had guys/girls in your life before, but they’re gone now. You’ve been alone for awhile now and you’re just waiting. Waiting for love to come to your life again, the waiting seems to drag on forever.

Waiting for love is like waiting for a pot of water to start boil, a watched pot boils for what seems like an eternity. When you feel yourself getting tired of waiting, just take it day by day. One day at a time. You’ll see yourself slowly start to turn your attention elsewhere, start living instead of waiting.

I’ve been told more times that I would like to admit that the one for me will be the exact opposite of what I expected. I’ve come to expect this AND that…

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Talking about love at 19

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I’ve never experienced being in love because I don’t want to lose myself. And that’s a statement. I am young, I have fire in me, I want to achieve things and the way I’m saying it might seem self centred or selfish but the truth is I’m okay with being alone, I’m at peace.

There is so much pressure for people to be in relationships, to be with someone, and some people, because of that, can’t for the life of them be alone. They are lost and they do not who they are because they have always been with someone else.

We should learn to be alone with ourselves before we get into a relationship. Being alone is okay -don’t shame people for being alone and don’t feel bad for being single. Enjoy life the way you want – whether that’s doing what excites you, learning new things, being friends…

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