Even with my disdain for texting, I realize that whenever I meet someone new, I will text my date more frequently than I text my best friends and inexplicably, I’ll expect him to do the same as well

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Dating in the age of cell phones puts a lot of pressure on young millennial couples to keep in constant contact throughout the day, even if it means engaging in lacklustre, mediocre conversations. After all, most of us are on our cell phones almost most of – if not, all – the time. As such, not receiving a text from someone that you are interested in would put one on edge. Both parties start second-guessing each other the moment the frequency of texts drop: Is he no longer interested in me? Is he ghosting me? Why hasn’t he responded even though he has already read my text? Why has he yet to respond to the text I sent him hours ago when he was last seen online five minutes ago? What does it mean when he likes my post on Instagram but ignores my texts?  It’s easy to be paranoid and overanalyze texting habits, or even lash out at the party who fails to keep up with the routine.


Is it ever acceptable to ghost someone?

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This was a question I had been asking myself.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I had been discussing the appropriate ways to end things with someone you’d been seeing briefly. There were many factors to consider: how long you’d known each other, how many dates you’d been on, the timeframe that the number of dates took place, whether you met on an app or met through friends, and, of course, if things had gotten physical.

All of these culminated to one overall point: how much of an explanation do you feel you owe this person?

I for one thought that when you’re date or two in, it was perfectly reasonable to just never speak again if you feel things are not progressing/there’s no chemistry/whatever. However, after a certain amount of time, I felt a conversation would be necessary for appropriate closure. I couldn’t pin down a time frame…

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